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AimHighCover150_1XJR_Speakers150_1XDave Johnson

   Two-time Olympian Dave Johnson won the decathlon bronze medal at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics while competing on a broken foot. USA Today tabbed Dave as the "world's best known bronze medalist." Dave has been made famous by the dueling "Dan vs. Dave" Reebok ads.  Dave is quite comfortable in front of a camera, but you most likely find him with his family in Salem, Oregon or making appearances on behalf of one of his causes. He is very aware of his impact on young children and always striving to be a positive role model. Dave is now the Director of Athletics at Corban University in Salem, Oregon, and enjoys speaking on the importance of athletics in education. <learn more>

Jackson Rayne

   Jackson is a magician, illusionist and escape artist based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He is the current Guinness World Record holder for the fastest escape from a regulation straitjacket.  His time of 7.26 seconds was an amazing thing to behold.
   His message, 'Making Your Own World Record', is both inspiring and entertaining.  By lacing his magic throughout his presentation, Jackson shows his audience that setting your sights on a goal, following through with whatever it takes to achieve that goal, and enjoying your success in doing it, is well within your grasp. <learn more>

Dave Sweeney

Dave 102_150_1X

   Few of us will ever appear on national television, sing with Miss America or run with the Olympic Torch. But for Dave Sweeney, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dave is an award winning TV meteorologist with more than twenty-five years of on-air experience. He’s done the weather on Good Morning America, been on the Blooper Shows four different times, sung a duet with Katie Harmon (Miss America 2002) on one of the eight Christmas Specials he’s written, produced and hosted and yes, he did actually run with the Olympic Torch in 1996 in Kansas City... <learn more>

Dave IrbyIrby_150_1X

   World traveling soccer coach Dave Irby has story to tell your group. Dave and his teams have traveled to over thirty countries of the world as Ambassadors for Christ. Playing soccer matches in small jungle villages, in prisons and national soccer stadiums. Dave and his teams have encouraged millions, with a message of hope. He will tell his own story, and take you on a wild ride to some of the countries he has visited.
  He oversees the work of Surge International from Salem, Oregon where he lives with his wife Susan and family.

Erick KountzEKountz150_1X

   Erick is a blast at any event.  His fast 'come backs' and his overall persona is a joy.  If you want your event to go smooth as silk, and you want to entertain the crowd like no other, Erick Kountz is your guy.
   Erick is at home as a motivational speaker on many topics, as well a great emcee for any event.


John Strauch

   If your looking to be totally encouraged, you need to hear the story of John Strauch.  John has shown amazing resilience and determination following his 'near death' hi-way accident that changed his life forever... not that you'd notice just watching him walk in a room.
   His story of how he saw past his 'now disabled' body, and on to making business decisions that have tripled his personal income, is a story that every entrepreneur should hear.  He leads off with the statement that, 'its never about what happens... its what you do with it' will make you think more deeply about where your going, and how to get there.

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