About Us

   Mid-Valley Media, Inc. is an Oregon based multimedia marketing company with ties all over the world.  We provide many different services to many different clients.  Its funny sometimes as we see that clients that use us for one thing don't think of us for other things until they look us up on the website.
   I know, we should be telling them of all our other services, but really, its a bit overwhelming to see just how many things we do.  Its easier to just let them discover how well rounded we are as the need arises.  I don't hesitate to let them know when the opportunity reveals itself.

   Mid-Valley Media, Inc. also serves as an umbrella corporation that has two other dba's.  These two other companies are MVP Majestic Video & Photo, and Killer Video Productions.  These two companies separate their services and content production by looking at, and considering, the end viewer, and how the content will be used.  For example, Majestic Video & Photo is a bit more prim and proper, whereas at Killer Video Productions we use a hearse to haul our video gear around.
   All three names (MVM, MVP, and KVP) are all currently engaged in a variety of projects.  And by taking a 'form follows function' approach, we select the right identity for the right project.  The client may have a preference, and we of course honer that choice.  Its all good.

                                                                        All the best,


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